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Introduction and benefits

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KNX is a standard that is supported by over 500 manufacturers. These offer a wide range of products, all of which are compatible with each other. If a manufacturer is no longer able to supply a product, it can be replaced by a comparable product of another brand. With proprietary systems, on the other hand, the entire system must be replaced if the system is discontinued and individual components fail.

Usage & Applications

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KNX is the worldwide open standard for all applications in home and building control, from lighting and blind control to systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, metering, household appliances, audio/video and much more. It can be used in both new and existing buildings and offers electricians the opportunity to expand their business by specializing in energy efficiency, security, comfort and assisted living.

Case Studies

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Entering this option you will see some of the examples of KNX installations in the most diverse topologies, whether they are private residences on floors or houses, or residential or office buildings, hotels, factories, government buildings, etc.

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