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Analog In / Output | 0-10V

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The MDT Analog In / Output AIO is suitable for controlling devices with 0-10 V input (e.g. ventilation systems) and for recording 0-20 mA (4-20 mA) / 0-10 V measurement data (e.g. from fill-level or pressure sensors). Each channel can be configured both as an input and as an output and is galvanically separated from the KNX bus. Each channel can be configured indepentently (in / output). In / outputs are galvanically-isolated from the bus. In / outputs are galvanically-connected together. Voltage for output operation is generated inside the actuator. No external power supply required. Quick application download (long frame support with ETS5 or higher). Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001. 3 year warranty.

Input operation 0-10 V / 2-10 V or 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA (switchable):

  • Conversion of measuring unit and DPT can be parameterized
  • Min/max function, wire breakage detection
  • Threshold and traffic light function

Output functions 0-10 V:

  • Control by 1 Byte, 2 Byte float or 1 Bit objects
  • Day/night function to limit control value
  • Emergency mode if given value fails

Flush mounted version:

  • Fitting in a installation boxsocket
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 41 mm x 41 mm x 12 mm

Installation Type: Flush-mounted, MDRC.

Channels: 2-fold, 4-fold.

Device width: 2SU.


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Productdatabase ETS4/5/6 04/19 V1.2a knxprod
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Tender texts Link
CAD-drawing zip
Available Variants of this series:
Analog In / Output | 0-10V
Installation Type: Flush-mounted; Channels: 2-fold
Analog In / Output | 0-10V
Installation Type: MDRC; Channels: 4-fold
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