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CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55

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The MDT CO2/VOC Combi Sensor 55 has two sensors for measuring the CO2 and mixed gas concentration (VOC). Aside from the measuring channels for CO2 and VOC, the Combi Sensor also records the room temperature and relative humidity. It uses these measured values to carry out temperature and air quality controls. The air quality traffic light gives early warning of excessive CO2 or VOC concentrations in the room. Upper and lower threshold value adjustable for each measured value. Air quality control function adjustable as step / PI controller for CO2 or VOC sensor. 4 step controllers with 1 Bit output or 1 Byte output with adjustable thresholds. PI controller with externally adjustable setpoint and adjustable control parameters. Air quality lamp function adjustable to CO2 or VOC sensor with 4 color channels and adjustable 1 Bit / scene / RGB or HSV output objects. Installation in windproof flush-mounted box with supplied support ring. Supply via KNX bus without auxiliary voltage.

The MDT CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55 fits into the switch lines of leading manufacturers, such as:

  • GIRA Standard 55, E2, E22, Event, Esprit
  • BERKER S1, B3, B7
  • JUNG A 500, A PLUS, A CREATION, AS 500, A550, A FLOW
  • MERTEN 1M, M-Smart, M-Plan, M-Pure

Feature: Sensor.

Colour: Pure white gloss, Pure white matt.

Humidity Sensor: Yes.

Assortment: 55 mm.

Sensors: 2.


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6 From ETS5.7.x 07/23 V5.1.2.1 etsapp
Productdatabase ETS5/6 06/22 V1.0 knxprod
Functional overview pdf
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
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Available Variants of this series:
CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55 - SCN-CO2MGS.02
Colour: Pure white gloss
CO2 / VOC Combi Sensor 55 - SCN-CO2MGS01.02
Colour: Pure white matt
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