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LED Controller AKD | 4 Folds

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The MDT LED Controller AKD can be used to dim typical LED lamps with 12 V and 24 V constant voltage (CV). Whether it be single-colour LED-Spot, Tunable White or RGB(W) Stripes, the outputs of the LED controllers can be individually adjusted. The extensive setting options of the application enable customised lighting. Comprehensive function extension. Absolute and relative dimming for HSV color space and RGBW. Tunable White color temperature control. Selectable dimming curve and PWM frequency up to 1000 Hz. Global and individual dimming speeds. Individual and predefined sequences (e.g. TV Simulator). Repetition of sequences for automatic color control. Suitable for 12 / 24 V CV LED (Common Anode), 4 A for each color channel. Parallel operation of 2 channels. Operating modes: 4 x White, RGB, RGBW, Tunable White. Automatic color temperature control Dim2Warm. Dynamic daylight control HCL (Human Centric Lighting). Automatic time-dependent dimming. Day / night function. Overcurrent and overtemperature monitoring. Intelligent 16 A C-Load Relay output to control external LED power supply (not AKD-0424R2.02). Production in Germany certified according to ISO 9001. 3 year warranty.

Selectable load distribution:

  • AKD-0424R2.02: 4 channels each 2 A or 1 ch. 3.5 A and 3 ch. 1.5 A
  • AKD-0424R.02:   4 channels each 4 A or 1 ch. 7.0 A and 3 ch. 3.0 A

Installation Type: MDRC.

Channels: 4-fold.

Ampere: 4/8 A, 2/4 A.

Led: Yes.

Colour Control: RGBW.

Device width: 4SU, 2SU.

HSV Colour control: Yes.

RGBW Colour control: Yes.

Tuneablewhite Colour control: Yes.


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6 From ETS5.7.x 07/23 V5.1.2.1 etsapp
Productdatabase ETS4/5/6 02/22 V2.5 knxprod
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
Tender texts Link
CAD-drawing zip
Available Variants of this series:
LED Controller AKD | 4 Folds
Ampere: 4/8 A; Device width: 4SU
LED Controller AKD | 4 Folds
Ampere: 2/4 A; Device width: 2SU
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