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KNX RF+ Push-button Plus


The MDT KNX Push-button Plus releases KNX telegrams after pushing the buttons on top. KNX RF+ protocol in system mode. Commisioning with ETS 5 or higher. For operation inside the EU, 868 MHz. Fits 55 mm systems. Push Buttons can be programmed for 1 or 2 button operation. NO or NC contact operation, operational time of push button adjustable. Forced setting function for each output. Operation with short / long button push and 2 objects. 2 integrated logical modules. Operation of blinds and shutters, 1 and 2 button operation. 2-fold switching actuator or 1-fold shutter actuator (RF-TA55XA.01). Connection via MDT KNX RF+ Line Coupler. Centered text area for individual description. To replace conventionel push-buttons. To upgrade you installation without installing KNX bus cables. Power supply 230 V AC. Integrated bus coupling unit, installation with enclosed support ring. Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001. 3 year warranty.

C Load: 14µF.

Ampere: 10 A.

Led: Yes.

Colour: Pure white gloss.

Functional Areas: 2-fold, 4-fold, 6-fold, 8-fold.


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Productdatabase ETS5/6 from ETS5.7x 03/22 V1.0a knxprod
Productdatabase ETS5/6 Only for 4-fold Push Button. From ETS5.7x 10/22 V1.1 knxprod
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
Print template Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader zip
Technical Information KNX RF pdf
Tender texts Link
Available Variants of this series:
KNX RF+ Push-button Plus - RF-TA55A2.01
Functional Areas: 2-fold
KNX RF+ Push-button Plus - RF-TA55A4.01
Functional Areas: 4-fold
KNX RF+ Push-button Plus - RF-TA55A6.01
Functional Areas: 6-fold
KNX RF+ Push-button Plus - RF-TA55A8.01
Functional Areas: 8-fold
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