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Shutter Actuators JAL

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The Shutter Actuator JAL comes with a number of additional functions and can do more than just move the blind or roller shutter up and down. Comprehensive application. Lockable manual operation and LED indicator for each channel. Operation mode blind / shutter. Practical ventilation function (window open / tilt). Travel-, pause at change of direction, step time adjustable. Separate travel time for up and down adjustable. Tip operation for accurate positioning. Extended 1 Bit automatic positions and scene functions. 1 Byte absolute positioning for shutter and blinds. Alarm, central- and block functions. Behavior after alarms and blocking separately configurably. Priority / forced operation with automatic release time. Adjustable behavior in case of bus voltage failure or return (exclusive JAL-0210.02). Two contacts share one L-connection (MDRC device). Common L-connection (flush-mounted device). Quick application download (long frame support with ETS 5 or higher). Production in Germany, certified according to ISO 9001. 3 year warranty.

Installation Type: MDRC.

Channels: 2-fold, 4-fold, 8-fold.

Ampere: 8 A.

Jalousiemotor: 230 V.

Watts: 300 W.

Device width: 2SU, 4SU, 8SU.

You can find a product comparison of our shutter actuators here.


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Device Configuration App (DCA) ETS5/6
From ETS5.7.x
07/23 V5.1.2.1 etsapp
Productdatabase ETS4/5/6 for shutter actuators 02/22 V3.8b knxprod
Functional overview For Shutter Actuators 06/22 pdf
Datasheet pdf
Assembly and operational instructions pdf
Technical manual pdf
Tender texts Link
CAD-drawing zip
Available Variants of this series:
Shutter Actuators JAL - JAL-0210.02
Channels: 2-fold; Device width: 2SU
Shutter Actuators JAL - JAL-0410.02
Channels: 4-fold; Device width: 4SU
Shutter Actuators JAL - JAL-0810.02
Channels: 8-fold; Device width: 8SU
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