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MAXinBOX FC 0-10V VALVE | Fan coil controller for 2/4-pipe units with 0-10 VDC valve control signal


Controller for one 2-pipes or 4-pipes fan coil unit with 0-10 V valves. Its 4 outputs (16 A C-load) can be used to control the fan speed or as individual outputs. it has 4 analog-digital multifunction inputs that can be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. It also includes 2 thermostats, 10 logical functions and allows manual control of the outputs with status indication through LEDs. DIN-rail mounting (4.5 units).

Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.


Only for ETS5/ETS6


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Datasheet 10 pdf
Manual [1.5]_a pdf
Specific Manuals:
 – Zennio Thermostat Manual [3.0]_a pdf
 – Temperature Probe Manual [3.0]_a pdf
 – Binary Inputs Manual [2.0]_a pdf
 – Motion Detector Manual [3.0]_a pdf
 – Individual Binary Outputs Manual [2.0]_a pdf
 – Logical Functions Manual [3.0]_a pdf
Available Variants of this series:
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