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Security | Upgrade only for Compact / Rack / Envision

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It allows to make a bidirectional control between KNX and all alarm devices integrated into the ThinKnx system. All feedbacks from sensors are available on KNX. Sending telegrams is possible in case of emergency or when an event is triggered. Activating/deactivating alarm devices is available through a 14-byte string.

Integrated security systems:

  • Bentel: Kyo8, Kyo16, Kyo32, Kyo320
  • Brahms: B4 – CMP16, CMP32, CMP64
  • Tecnoalarm: TP16-256, TP8-64 (Tecno Out Protocol)
  • Elkron: MP508TG
  • Aritech models: Master Advisor and Advanced
  • Honeywell Galaxy Dimensions models
  • Inim
  • Urmet 1067
  • Paradox
  • Siemens SPC
  • AVS Electronics XTream640
  • Elmo
  • IESS (Genio)


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