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Rack Server | With unlimited clients / KNX/IP_router / IR Trans / Report till 20MB / Voice Control / A/V Bundle / Doorcom / Automation / Sonos / IoT license / VAI2 (Access control 2 gates)


When many systems have to be integrated in the same building, Rack is the ideal solution for all the plants where a high number of integrations and available features coexist. With a lot of external ports to connect different systems or devices, the Rack grants the highest performance and the best automation for the smart building. It embeds all the features of the other ThinKnx server models without restrictions. Fanless processing device optimized for continuous operation. Industrial mass memory. KNX net/IP interface/router. Suite Thinknx PRO. Linux Operating System. External power supply 230V AC. 1x native EIB/KNX port with direct connection through clips. 2x serial ports configurable for RS232 or RS485. 1x serial port RS232 DB9 pins. 4x USB ports. 2x Ethernet ports.

Accessories for Rack:

  • ENUSB-RSXXX – Serial Ports Adapters

Upgrades for Rack:

  • Security
  • Z-Wave
  • Extended report above 20MB
  • VAI3-10: upgrade for 3 to 10 gates
  • Lutron
  • VAI11-50: upgrade for 11 to 50 gates
  • Philips Hue
  • VAI51+: upgrade for over 51 gates
  • Legrand My Home
  • Mitsubishi gateway
  • 3-Years warranty Extension
  • Velux


Technical Documentation Date Version Downloads
Rack Technical sheet ENGLISH – ITALIANO 09/05/2014 pdf
Server Manager ENGLISH 28/10/2013 v. pdf
Warranty certificate 04/2015 pdf
Available Variants of this series:
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