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Microsoft Technical Support

Although Microsoft provides access to direct support from suppliers (see below), Microsoft provides its own support and, if necessary, acts as an interface between its customers and the brands it represents.

When this support is of a more general nature, it can relate to matters ranging from the malfunction of some device, to some conceptual problem of the solution or even the realization of projects from scratch, with the creation of lists of materials necessary for a certain project.

Projects Specification

When the experience in the market or even just in the brand or range of products being proposed is not very extensive, it is natural that the proponent needs help to conceive and carry out a project for his client. For these situations, Microsoft has a service for carrying out projects as well as advising on the devices that must be part of it. For more information contact us.


Microsoft only sells to professionals in the sector, whether they are integrators, installers, construction companies, architecture companies, etc. It is normal for this range of customers to have varying degrees of knowledge of what KNX is and its ETS programming language. As such, Microsoft may provide a programming service, to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, in order to facilitate the commercialization of the systems as well as to ensure the quality of the solution. Ask us for a quote.

Direct Technical Support From The Manufacturers

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