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ThinKnx Configurator

ThinKnx Configurator is the tool for the creation and development of the supervision project. It allows to create all the connections needed between the graphical interface and the actual devices that are part of the system. With simple steps and intuitive parameters, the graphical interfaces can be compiled with high customization and used with all clients and all devices. Just as easily, the user can create logics and configure system elements in order to achieve integration between all the devices. According to the specific user, the tool allows to load the project on client devices and servers with differentiated exports.

The main functions

Project wizard

There is a wizard that automatically provides the basic information in order to speed up the creation of a new project.

Customized graphic

The default graphics can be replaced with imported wallpaper images, commands etc.

ETS project import

In order to make the commands setting more accessible, it is possible to visualize the KNX groups tree by importing the CSV file of the ETS project.

Project optimization

The project can be optimized by removing unused files and resizing images in order to preserve performances on clients, which require a poorly elaboration.

Server upload

Once the project has been configured, it is possible to upload it on the server simply by clicking on a button in the Configurator software.

Multiple export

Different versions of the project can be created to upload on iPad, iPhone, Android or Window, specifying whether each graphic object of the project can be displayed or not.

Groups and users

The Configurator allows to manage exportable users groups. Graphical (for example full-screen mode) or functional (for example VoIP data) parameters can be configured in relation to the settings previously selected by the user.

Client restrictions

It is possible to specify which users or groups are allowed to visualize each graphic object in the interface once the project has been exported.

Logical operations

Logical operations (AND, OR, XOR) based on values coming from KNX groups can be created using simple and intuitive interfaces. This function is useful to create the OR logic which switches off the boiler when all the heating valves are closed.

Math operations

This function allows to create mathematical functions, write reports and control some commands. For example, the switching on/off timing of the boiler can be determined by associating a load (a relevance level) to the heating valves.

Generic gateway

The “Report” object allows you to monitor one or more KNX groups and send a report via email to a list of recipients. The report can be sent in text or html format.

Generic command

The generic command allows to include customized commands, different from “Switch” object, into the interface. Using this object, it is possible to send KNX telegrams to specified groups, to launch scenarios, to operate in the graphical interface, and so on. It is commonly used to control devices such as IR Trans, Audio video modules, Sonos etc.

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