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ThinKnx Supervision System

ThinKnx is a universal, multi-purpose supervisor for building automation that allows to manage all the functions of the systems integrated into your smart home or building. The different functions of home automation are handled by ThinKnx through a simple, appealing and highly customizable multi-platform interface that allows to intimately and freely interact with the system using your tablet, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.

Interface Features

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be displayed on clients when certain conditions, which are predefined in the Configurator, occur.


By enabling KNXnet/IP on the server you can program and connect to the KNX bus over IP.

ON/OFF Commands

The “Switch” object can be used in different modes: toggle, dimmer, sending the value “1”, sending the value “0”, sending “1” on pressure and “0” on release, sending bytes, etc.

Calendar and Clocks

“Switch” objects can be temporized in two different modes: the “Calendar” mode allows you to set complex timing, while the “Switch Schedule” mode allows you to set six weekly temporizations

RGB Lamps

RGB lamps can be configured and programmed in the Configurator by specifying KNX groups of color groups

Load Control

The load control allows to monitor the consumption of electricity. Disarmament thresholds and rearmament intervals can be set using the Configurator.

Rollers and Blinds

“Rollers” and “Blinds” objects contain KNX groups to move, stop and have feedback of shutters, blinds, etc.


The chronothermostat is used to interact with a KNX thermostat and permits to set weekly timers to control the temperature. The desired temperature can be hourly and daily set.

Analog Values

The “Analog value” object enables to visualize analog values (e.g. weather data such as wind speed, external temperature, etc.) and send them to KNX groups (e.g. to adjust threshold values).


The Scene is a sequence of programmed actions such as turning on the lights in a room. Such list of actions can be predefined by the user through the recording function of the Scene.


The “Report” object allows you to monitor one or more KNX groups and send a report via email to a list of recipients. The report can be sent in text or html format.

Web Interface

Web interface permits to visualize the graphic interface and control the plant from a web browser.

Voice Control

The voice control gateway allows you to send voice commands via Siri to control lights, shutters, HVAC and even your favorite scenes.

Public API

With our new public API, it is now possible to integrate third-party systems.


The IFTTT object connects to the IFTTT web service, allowing the user to create chains of simple conditional statements with a multitude of web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Outlook and more.


Any ThinKnx server can be used as a VOIP telephony PBX. It is possible to communicate with the door station and make internal SIP calls between two devices.

IP Cameras

In order to visualize the images coming from an IP camera from the client, you only have to set the addresses (local and remote), the model and the access credentials in the Configurator.

AntiTheft System

ThinKnx includes large-scale integrations of anti-theft systems. All system parameters, partitions and sensors can be modified in the Configurator. The user can arm or disarm one or all partitions, exclude some sensors or visualize the alerted ones.


Weather forecasts can be displayed in the client by setting the desired positions in the Configurator.

Your supervisor Webserver


The server offers the chance to connect and control almost any device thanks to their wide set of configurable link ports. For instance, custom strings can be sent to other devices via Ethernet to perform desired operations. Moreover, generic http requests can be combined with particular events, and data transfer on serial ports can activate scenes or other actions.

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